It’s been a long time in the making but the B.O.S.S. (Ballistic Ordnance Sound System) M203 Grenade Launcher is coming!

We have scheduled a release date sometime this year and we NEED your support so please “Like” our Facebook page to receive the latest information and release date.

We would like to thank the airsoft community for all your support to date. It has given us the strength to push through all the technical challenges faced when trying to produce a device that can do what only the B.O.S.S. unit can do.

As a result of all the feedback, we have taken into consideration the pros and cons in particular the sound levels. We have put in place the ability to govern the amount of sound a unit can produce. We call it a “class” configuration and we plan to have 5 of them. A “class – 5” config could allow many units to be played indoors whereas a “class – 1” would require the use of professional hearing protection. These classes can be easily identified and as such, field owner can stipulate the class levels tolerance for their field.

We are avid airsoft players and we know what it takes for equipment to survive in the field and the frustrations it can cause when it decides to fail. As we said earlier, this has been a very demanding project and we have pushed for perfection in all areas of the units’ performance. We don’t want to take shortcuts and disappoint as this is certainly a revolutionary device.